A letter for Cutter

Cutter receives the following letter the next time he goes to his home.

Dear Cutter,

I saw you in the Sivis papers recently and recognized the description of the symbol of my house that you carry upon your shoulder, no doubt put there by my noble uncle. I asked around the house for information about you and find that you were Marven d’Belderan’s own heir. The fact that members of my house would not respect the wishes of my own uncle is just despicable. I can’t believe that members of my, no, our family would cast out a bold hero and noble inventor such as yourself over the silly matter of race. It makes me so angry that I want to punish those responsible myself, but that’s not how family works. I invite you to my estate in the Skyway Cutter, bring your friends if you wish, so that I can show you how family is supposed to work. You belong with House Belderan Cutter.

Truly yours,

Blain d’Belderan

PS Family keep no secrets and you should know, one of your adventuring companions is also known to me. Your friend, Garruk, the one raise by elves, he is also family. Garruk is my son.


Also Garruk has just recently discovered a Mark of Detection upon the back of his right hand extending up his arm. He discovered it on route to the train.

A letter for Cutter


A letter for Cutter


A letter for Cutter

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