Paragon Tier Adventure and a Note on a lost pc

So, it’s time you guys started discussing what you want to do for your Paragon Tier. Again, I’m giving you choices. I’ve been dropping hints on here for months, so here it is, finally, in black and white, your choices for the Paragon tier, with links!

Khaz Mordread- you’ll help House Kundarak excavate the dwarven city of the dead and discover lost treasures and secrets, including why it disappeared. Aubrek d’Kundarak House Kundarak Khaz Mordread

Planar Exploration- you’ll join Beck and the Riftwalkers as they journey through the various planes parallel to Gotheer. You’ll discover ancient secrets about the nature of Gotheer and the world in general. Beck The Parallel Planes Article on the Season of Rifts

Intrigue with House Belderan- you’ll be caught up in the game of intrigue and deception between the Noble Houses for control of Gotheer. Also will have some minor themes about Human superiority. A letter for Cutter House Belderan

So look over this post, and the links I gave you and have a decision ready for me by the time you guys hit 11.

Oh, and one more thing. As dm I have decided what’s going to happen if we lose a player. I had originally wanted to grandfather in Paul’s character, but that might be dickish, so here’s what I decree puts on crown as king of dnd I declare that the spot shall remain open so Dave’s girlfriend can pick up the game over the summer. Don’t ever say I’m not a nice guy…


My vote is cast for Planar Exploration. Fits in with my choice of Paragon Path.


Question: Is Paul showing up this week or should I make a level 9 version of him?


Paul will not be around wednesday. And no, you may not make a level 9 version of him. Sorry.


No healer? We be dead.


I pick house belderan as our pargon path. and yea we need a healer


It can’t be helped :3


So after thinking about it long and hard (yeah giggle you japanese school girls. And go read your fucking Yaoi) I’m calling a no go on the Belderan. However, those of you interested in House Belderan and Cutter’s fate don’t need to worry, you will find out more about both. Cryptic messages for the epic win!


Aw… cryptic things usually end with incorrect interpretations and things going horribly wrong with us.


Always with the optimism Dave.


the truth being cutter was just a figment of our imagination?


So… we’ve always had automatic regeneration powers that just happened to kick in only when we seemed to need it in the heat of battle?


No no no! This is not a really bad tv show. Cutter still exists and existed and you will meet him again!


...Random Comment.

I’m mentioned! =D Yay!

Okay, My vote, personally, is the Planes, partially because of the back-story idea I have, but I’m up for anything.

By the way, for anyone interested in knowing…You will have a healer. =) You don’t have to worry about “Oh no, no healings!” This character is one I’ve played for…I want to say about a year and a half now, so I can actually PLAY her instead of just rolling dice…

...I just need to get back into that mindset. =) Hope to talk to you all soon!

-Dave’s Girlfriend.


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