The absolute last discussion about this forever.

Alright, this is the last time I’m bringing this up, swear. The question is, what paragon adventure do you want, post your definite and final answer here and only that. And be quick so I can start writing it.

And yes the only choices are Riftwalking (which will be nothing like magic the gathering, you will have little to no control over where you go and basic survival WILL be an issue on multiple occasions) and Khaz Mordread (which will be way more than just dwarfs and undead).


Alright. Well, while I am still fine with anything, and I’m okay no matter what we do I’m fine with…

...I think I would rather Khaz Mordread. I like going against undead, personally, and I coiuld play Rimosa rather well in Khaz, as she experienced the new environment.

So, my vote is Khaz Mordread. =)



Can I change my level 13 item on the wishlist seeing that we won’t be running around the parallel planes and won’t have much need for a portal compass?

If so, cross out “Sextant of the Planes” and replace it with “Siberys Shard of the Mage” please.


Maybe it wasn’t the Level 13, but point is, I don’t want a Sextant of the Planes.


I would have given you something way better than a Sextant of the Planes. And also, it won’t work properly in Gotheer or any of the other parallel planes.


Riiiiight…. rifts aren’t portals.


Claps Good job, honey. =D


David is a sweet nectar? I need to try me some of that!


...No, he’s MY sweet nectar. Get your own! Insert Jokingly Posessive Cling of David here. XD


Sorry, didn’t mean to embarrass you, “Sweet Nectar.” Insert chuckle here. =D


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