The last heroic adventure forever (in this campaign)

Sooooooooooo…. I wasn’t there last week, I know. Blame it on the gpg. Anyhooooo. THERE’S WORK TO BE DONE!!!!

Find a day next week that works for all of you. Don’t just wildly post days here, actually talk and find a good day for all of you. What I require is this. That you find a time where you can all be there for four to five uninterrupted hours of D&D and none of you have bullshit to worry about that will distract you. I really don’t want to gloss over the ending here. Like any good season finale a lot of important things are going to happen.


Just to let everyone know…since I only see David on a “regular basis,” I won’t be availible until the beginning of June, unless it’s a Friday or Saturday (and even then, I doubt my parents would let me go out.) Starting in June, however, Fridays will be bad, as I am joining an acting troupe that practices/performs on Friday at midnight.

Though, I highly doubt this has anything to do with me, since I’m joining in the paragon adventure! =D Just to let everyone know, though.


She brings up a good point though. We need to start thinking about when we can get together to play over the summer…


Sorry, that I’m using this as my sole means of communication. It’s just I only see David on, once again, a “regular basis,” a.k.a. once a week normally, and this is my only way to communicate with you guys.

Again, come this summer, the only days that will really be bad are Fridays. This, of course, being after May 28th, as that will be my last day of high school.


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