Adiah Zanoher

"Fire is as much a lifeform as it is a power source. It grows, it breathes, and it feeds."


Paragon Path: Master of Flame

Ability Scores
STR: 11
CON: 16
DEX: 14
INT: 22
WIS: 16
CHA: 9

AC: 24
FORT: 20
REF: 23
WILL: 22

Hit Points
HP: 76
Resistances: 10 Necrotic, 10 Radiant

-Staff of the War Mage +1
-Stoneskin Cloth Armor +2
-Thundering Dagger +2
-Cat’s Eye Headband
-Keicha’s Amulet +2
-Lens of Reading

-Brew Potion
-Gentle Repose
-Comprehend Language
-Last Sight Vision
-Familiar Mount
-Raise Dead
-Water Breathing
-Inquisitive’s Eyes

-Veneno Multifarium


-Wizard Cantrips
-Magic Missile
-Scorching Burst

Encounter Powers
-Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes
-Staff of Defense
-Burning Hands
-Fire Shroud
-Spectral Ram

Utility Powers
-Feather Fall
-Expedious Retreat
-Dimension Door
-Dispel Magic

Daily Powers
-Flaming Sphere
-Acid Arrow
-Wizards Fury
-Phantom Chasm
-Wall of Fire
-Visions of Ruin
-Grasp of the Grave
-Ice Storm
-Face of Death

Physical Appearance
Adiah is a bit shorter than the average Deva, standing at 6’ 1’’ with a very thin, fit figure like almost every other male Deva. His skin color is predominately a dark bluish purple with a lighter shade of purple colored area that runs along the vertical length of his left arm and a mark of the same color around his right eye with a line that travels in a narrow curve into the corner of his mouth. His eyes are pupil-less and opaque white in color, making it difficult for others to tell who he’s looking at.


Adiah is a reincarnated Deva that has been born into a life of wealth within The Skyway section of the City of Gotheer. From the time of his rebirth, he’s been particularly fond of the city of Gotheer and its inhabitants because of how advanced the civilization has come along. He’s fairly certain that he was floating in the Astral Sea for a few centuries prior to his current life, given the drastic scenery change that he has been exposed to.

His early years of life in Gotheer were spent picking up Arcane training from the schools in the Skyway section of Gotheer. Having been a Wizard in his previous lives, he only needed a dozen or so years of studying and practice to relearn his sensitivity to the Arcane fields around him and to remaster basic defense spells (as opposed to the vast amounts of decades that most Wizards need to be trained to an extent that they can use the most basic of cantrips).

Adiah has followed a trend of delving into the Arcane Arts with an affinity to fire spells in all of the lives he has lived. As a follower of The Silver Flame, he feels that fire is the holiest of all arcane elements to be used in ridding the world of its evils because it is the only element that ensures all but total annihilation of the vessels that harbor the evil souls.

Personality wise, he’s a very intellectual being. He isn’t really one to make small talk unless he’s meeting someone for the first time, or if the conversation involves something that he deems important. He tries to come off as the voice of reason, but is seldom listened to as he does tend to ramble on about things. He spends almost all of his free time in his home library just studying and doing research, as well as performing a few arcane experiments (two of which destroyed his basement).

Adiah is also a bluntly realistic individual As such, he hasn’t had too much action in the way of a romantic relationship. On one of the occasions that the group was At the Red Horn Tavern, a “slightly-more-than-buzzed” Elf Woman started flirting with him, his only response to her advances was “My life expectancy is about twenty-thousand years. What’s yours?”

Adiah feels a sense of kinship with all life forms in Gotheer. He believes that all sentient beings have the potential to do great things, and the discrimination the Eladrins have against everyone as well as the discrimination almost everyone has against the Warforged is beyond unfounded and completely ignorant of the people.

He once caught a small squad of Sentinels beating a Human that was out of his occupancy area and shot at them with a few spells to make them flee from the scene. After helping the human recover, he learned his name was Garruk and his noble mission from the Brokenbriar elf tribe to bring nature to Gotheer. Adiah had expressed to Garruk that he recalls the endless bounty of grassy plains and fruit bearing trees that used to encompass the planet and would very much like to see that again. He agreed to aid in Garruk’s quest with whatever knowledge of the Arcane that he had at his disposal.

At present time, Adiah has been showing signs of a developing condition of Acute Paranoia. Three assassination attempts against him and his friends have him a few steps away from ducking around corners he’s trying to pass. He’s constantly glancing over his shoulder, looking for anything that seems to move suddenly amongst the crowds.

Adiah has lived in Gotheer for a total of twenty-six years, slowly honing his arcane skills into a small attack arsenal and fighting alongside a group of friends to help rid Gotheer of some of the most heinous crimes they have witnessed. All in aspiration to bring about a better place to live for civilians and nobles alike.

Adiah Zanoher

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