HP 22 Spd 6 Int +2 Str 16 Con 10 Dex 14 Int 10 Wis 8 Cha 17 AC 13 Fort 14 Ref 13 Will 16 Passive Insight 9 Passive Perception 11 Healing Surge Value 5 Healing Surges 6 Cosmic Magic Cosmic Persistence Cosmic Power Soul of the Cosmic Cycle Common, Deep Speech

FEATS Student of the Cosmos Arcane Familiar – Falcon

SKILLS trained Arcane Athletics Endurance History Nature

Powers AT-WILL Blazing Starfall Burning Spray Storm Walk


DAILY Chromatic Orb

EQUIPTMENT Adventure KIt Climber’s Kit Cloth Armor Dagger Tent Everburning Tourch Implement Staff Footpads Flask X 33 10 gp , 1cp

description: black hair green eyes tall white gotte blue cloak/robe

I’m bad with descriptions/details


Born and Raised in Gother under the goddess the Raven Queen. As such he has been raised to believe all things end when they must and will allow things to die. He will accept his death when it comes as well, not going to struggle to live. He is a firm believer that immortality is evil and has become an Arcane Mercenary, Searching for all of the Mystical Items that give such powers of Everlasting life or prolonged life.


Gotheer KlDBUU