Brindon d'Medani

"Justice has no price, it should come at any cost."


Brindon is a full blooded elf. He’s tall and thin and his overall appearance would be described by others as ‘grave’. He has pale skin and light green eyes and keeps his black hair very short in an almost military cut. He is older than he looks, his race not being apt to show their age. When around Sorena, his normally controlled demeanor will change into something more wild and spiteful. Something happened between these two, and it’s easy to tell that neither will talk about it.


An Inquisitive of House Medani who is also investigating the death of Bhogan as well as the disappearances of several well known gladiators. He is also in charge of a special task force. He helped you capture Darun and bring him to justice. He has promised to stay in touch with you and may help you again in the future.

He came to your aid again when you traveled to Immeral’s tower and you discovered that he is investigating more than just random cases while keeping an eye one you, he is investigating the criminal group known as the Shadow Covenant and Sorena is his major lead.

After the fiasco in Immeral’s tower and the destruction wrought by the ‘corpse-maker’ House Deneith pulled their backing of his investigation. There was simply too much destruction and too little to show for it. You are now the only ones who are willing to help him stop the Shadow Covenant. He told you he’d find a new lead and get in touch with you again.

Brindon was able to find Sorena again, this time with the help of Patriarch Balthazar d’Cannith. Together, and with your help, he was able to set a trap for Sorena that allowed you to track her to her base of operations. He accompanied you there.

Brindon d'Medani

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