Earthen Warden


Physical Appearance: The mark on my forehead (character profile picture) is what distinguishes me from the rest of the warforged created. At an average height of 6’4”, Relic doesn’t seem any different from other warforged, however being underground for many years has taken it’s toll on the outer shell of Relic. There are many scratches on his armor that are from past battles and falling rocks (was in a cavern for many years) that don’t interfere with his defenses. Many of Relic’s parts are outdated and cannot function, so as part of his questing, he will repair or replace the dead parts. Luckily his core functions still work and he can defend himself from any attackers with his executioner’s axe.

Ability Scores STR: 21 CON: 17 DEX: 10 INT: 10 WIS: 11 CHA: 8

Defenses AC: 21 FORT: 19 REF: 13 WILL: 15

Hit Points HP: 69 Resistances: None Saving Throw Mods: +2 Racial bonus against ongoing damage

Equipment -Lightning Execution Axe +1 -Veteran’s Hide Armor +2 -Feyleaf Vambraces +1

Wonderous Items -Delver’s Light

Rituals -none

Languages -Common


At-Will -Warden’s Fury -Warden’s Grasp -Earth Shield Strike -Strength of Stone

Encounter Powers -Warforged Resolve -Thunder Ram Assault -Form of the Willow Sentinel Attack -Earthgrasp Strike

Utility Powers -Eyes of the Hawk

Daily Powers -Form of the Willow Sentinel -Lifebind Attack


none right now


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