Human Ranger


Garruk has Sandy blonde hair, hazel eyes, a square prominent jaw, thin pointed nose, green tunic clothes over his leather armor, Green pointed hat, brown boots, a scar over his left eye running down from the left edge of his forehead towards his nose, and a mark of detection on his right hand extending up his arm.

Level: 6
EXP: 7500
Race: Human
Class: Ranger
Size: Medium
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 165 lbs
Alignment: Good
Deity: Melora

Ability Scores
STR: 19
CON: 13
DEX: 18
INT: 10
WIS: 11
CHA: 9

AC: 20
FORT: 21
REF: 21
WILL: 16

Hit Points
HP: 55

Other Information
Initiative: 7
Speed: 6
Passive Insight: 13
Passive Perception: 18
Languages: Common, Elven

-Skybound Leather Armor +1
-Flesh Grinder Scimitar +1
-Battlecrazed Longsword +1
-Skull Bracers(heroic tier)
-Amulet of Protection +2
-Repeating crossbow

Lethal Hunter
Shadow Initiate
Predatory Action
Weapon Focus (Heavy Blade)
Two-weapon Fighting


-Careful Attack
-Hunter’s Quarry
-Hit and Run
-Twin Strike
-Assassin’s Shroud
Encounter Powers
-Second Wind
-Two-Fanged Strike
-Shadow Wasp Strike
Utility Powers
-Inspiring Fortitude
-Death Threat
Daily Powers
-Jaws of the Wolf
-Two-Wolf Pounce

Garruk is a human ranger that specializes in the two-blade fighting style favoring heavy blades over light blades and daggers. Although trained in the ways of the crossbow, Garruk prefers a more close up attack where he can get within feet of a target before dealing the final blow to the creature.

Garruk is a very social and likable person in most regards, but he holds deep grudges against the drow for scarring him for life (pun intended). At the age of 7 he wandered out of the section of the Brokenbriar elves, snd found himself wandering the middle spires. He eventually found himself in a darkened alleyway. He witnessed a dark looking drow murder a dragonborn silently. Garruk turned to run but was cut off quickly by the drow. The drow drew a dagger and sliced at Garruk, hitting only his left side of his face. If it wasn’t for a group of sentinels showing up at that exact moment Garruk wouldn’t be alive to this very day.

Garruk is the illegitimate and only son of the Baron Blain d’Belderan of the House Belderan. Next in line of kin to the name and head of the House Belderan, his mother was a low member of the House Lyrandar. After birth he was left at Blain’s door with an attached note indicating him Blain’s son. Infuriated at the potential scandal that could arise from having a son with a woman that was not of his house he had the child left on the surface, hoping the child would meet his demise.

Little did he know that a few minutes after leaving the child, the leader of the Brokenbriar elf tribe (one of the the five tribes) happened upon the child. She noticed great potential in him and could sense that one day the fate of the Gotheer would rest upon his shoulders. She took the boy in and raised him as her own son, teaching him the way of the sword and bow, as well as the skills of stealth and intimidate to survive on the surface.

Growing up Garruk gained a great appreciation for nature, and was taught many ways to help bring nature to the barren land that is Gotheer. When he reached the age of 18 he was sent out into the lower spires to fulfill his clan’s pilgrimage adult affirming practice. The practice is for all new adults of the clan to explore the endless city when they turn 18 and bring back either information of great importance, materials of an important kind, resources, or skills that could help the Brokenbriar tribe return nature to Gotheer. Until this occurs they are not permitted to return to the tribe and truly become an adult in their society. To this day Garruk has not completed his pilgrimage.

During the third year of his pilgrimage (when he was 21) Garruk found himself wandering the upper spires when he was ambushed by a corrupt group of dragonborn from the House Deneith. He was stripped of his two swords and beaten senseless until a magic missile attack from outside the ally caused the dragonborn to flee. A Deva by the name of Adiah Zanoher had rescued Garruk from death, and as a result Garruk swore a life oath to Adiah, promising to always be there to protect Adiah in battle. Adiah and Garruk soon became friends. After learning about his pilgrimage Adiah promised to help Garruk find the knowledge that would allow him to return to his tribe. It has been five years since their meeting and although the duo had embarked on a multitude of adventures, as well as picking up more friends and party members, Garruk is still searching for the information to complete his pilgrimage.

More Recently Garruk and his group of friends have taken on various mercenary type jobs to help out the citizens of the Endless city as well as to find a way to complete Garruk’s Pilgrimage. So far the group has investigated into and found gladiator Boghan’s murderer, investigated into and found the reasons behind the disappearance of the warforged on the surface, and defeated a gigantic metal beast.


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