Ranzik Darkfeather

"Not even death could stop me, what makes you think that you can?"


Ranzik is tall for his race. His hair matted and dreadlocked. His skin is paler than normal for his people and his tattoos look faded and old. He has a Mark of Terror and it’s the only point of color on this otherwise gray person. His face is sunken and gaunt and his eyes are a milky white instead of the characteristic black of his people.


Ranzik is Sorena’s older brother, and also her murderer. Years ago, before Sorena joined the Covenant, he was The Master’s second in command. When Brindon came into Sorena’s life, he disapproved of their relationship. So much so, that he tried to kill Brindon, but Brindon was able to kill Ranzik when Sorena tried to stop Ranzik from killing Brindon. Despite dying, Ranzik had succeeded, his death tore Sorena and Brindon apart. And also, he had discovered leverage for the Master to force his sister where she belonged, in the Covenant.

Now he has returned from death to serve his master once again. His first orders, and your first introduction to him, was the murder of his younger sister to prevent her from revealing too much information to you and Brindon.

Ranzik Darkfeather

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