Rimosa Semper Ero

Scarred for Life by a Repressed Childhood Event and the Carnage of her Lost Brethren, a Cleric Finds herself Falling, through both Space and Time, into a Realm both Alien and Frightening


Heroic Class: Cleric (of the Raven Queen)
Paragon Path: Divine Oracle

Ability Scores
STR: 12
CON: 16
DEX: 14
INT: 11
WIS: 20
CHA: 16

AC: 26
FORT: 20
REF: 19
WILL: 24

Hit Points
HP: 78

-Magic Morningstar +3
-Astral Fire Braidmail Armor +3
-Holy Symbol of Battle +2
-Standard Adventurer’s Kit
-Ritual Book

-Comrades’ Succor
-Gentle Repose


-Sacred Flame
-Lance of Faith

Encounter Powers
-Elven Accuracy
-Healing Word
-Death Knell
-Divine Glow
-Divine Fortune
-Turn Undead
-Daunting Light
-Searing Light
-Prophecy of Doom

Utility Powers
-Faith Healing
-Cure Serious Wounds
-Mass Cure Light Wounds

Daily Powers
-Cascade of Light
-Hold Foe
-Flame Strike

Physical Appearance

Rimosa is the standard elf, to a degree. Her height and weight both fall into the “standard elf” category, being about 5’6” and 140lbs, her face still has the slender, she has pointed ears, and her eyes are still a shade of green that would make any plant envy the pigment. However, she seems a bit…paler than most, leaning more towards the paleness of the moon rather than a “woodsy brown.” She definitely does not seem like one to be out in the woods, to put it lightly, as even her hair (the color of the peerless night sky), while still rather loose and “fall-where-it-may” (unless she needs focus, at which point she ties it back), does not match the standard earthy-tones found in “normal elves.” Back a long, long time ago, perhaps she would be called a “Moon Elf,” but today, such a term means nothing. Today, she is just an Elf that looks out of place in a woodsy environment.

Some details on her ears…they’re pierced. Each ear is pierced three times, both having two “studs.” On the right ear, the third piercing is a dangling crescent moon. On the left ear, the third piercing is a dangling star. All of her piercings are silver, from her four studs to her two dangling ones.

A side note on her “stance,” as this is rather…important. While most elves are light on their feet, and rather at ease and “fluid” with their movements, Rimosa is the opposite. In fact, she is rather flat-footed, and tends to stomp rather than “walk softly” as other elves do. On the same note, she seems much more…tense…than normal elves, like she’s constantly on edge.

There is a rather large scar on her back, were she to show it. She has no problem with who caused this, as full-blooded Ogres are brutes who know not what they do, but it seems as though one large, heavy, bludgeoning hit was taken, and nearly crushed her spine, meaning she obviously is experienced in battle. This is also a minor reminder to her, as a major event in her life occurred just before…which will be explained in the Fluff-section.

There is another scar on her, less visible and less welcome. It only seems like a scratch; a deep scratch, given, but nothing that would be life-threatening. It’s located on the back of her neck, on and parallel to her hair-line. This, too, has significance to her, and will be explained further in the Fluff.


Rimosa Semper Ero began life in a small, rural community outside of Berdusk, within the Western Heartlands of Faerûn. She, her mother, and her father all lived and worked in a fledgling utopian society, all the residents working towards the common goal of “surviving the first winter.” They were, for lack of better words, a non-capitalistic community, as they were entirely self-sufficient, had no currency, and used each other’s skills for the benefit of all. In fact, not many people even knew of their existence.

Not long into her childhood, Rimosa was given a small cat. Now, she was very young at the time, and had just been taught that “All elves go to the same place when we die.” Thus being said, with the elven girl at such a young age, she worried for her feline, “Fluffy,” because once she died, she would never be able to see the sweet, white kitten again.

Life was not meant to prosper in this small community, as not long after this “afterlife lesson,” a great migration of Oozes passed right through it. This was completely unexpected; not only do Oozes tend to remain underground, the area was peaceful and not known for random migrations of monsters such as that. Nearly everyone in the community died…the few survivors, Rimosa included, were removed from the area as soon as word reached Berdusk, and placed into the bustling trade-center for the time being.

Rimosa was relocated into a non-denominational orphanage, where most of the good-aligned religions of Faerûn were welcome. It was here that the pious orphanage runners began noticing something…peculiar about the young elf. They knew to expect trauma in the child; after all, her entire life had just been destroyed, her parents were killed before her own eyes, and she was found beside the mangled remains of her dead cat. However, the “tick” of this elf lasted into her adulthood, and has remained there to this day.

She twitches and shouts the word “Fluffy” at random intervals. She cannot hear herself say this, and she has no control over it. She now knows that she does it (explained later), but for a while, she was ignorant to what she did. She still cannot tell when she does it; however, she is aware that it DOES occur. This tends to happen more when she is nervous, anxious, or high-tense, ranging from one “tick” every few sentences when she’s calm to multiple “ticks” between individual words when she’s on-edge. It should also be mentioned that she has repressed any memory before the orphanage, so…while she knows that she does twitch and shout “fluffy” at random intervals, she still does not know why.

As she aged, the pious runners of the orphanage helped her as best they could, not really sure how to handle the “tick” that she was unaware of, and pointed her in the right direction for a career: a pious individual herself! So, she looked for which church would take her in…most of which, I should add, did not like the idea of having the “Good Word” of their god interrupted by the word “FLUFFY.” Finally, she found one where she felt at home, and at ease…The church of the dark, lunar lady of death, fate, and mystery…

No, not the Raven Queen. Sehanine Moonbow. Don’t forget, this is from another realm…Sehanine was a little different back then in this realm.

As her first real “job,” while still being a cleric, she was sent off to work with the Harpers, a group of history-preservers within the city of Berdusk. There she met her first real friend, Marlowe, an initiate of the Harpers. The two became close friends, as they worked within the city to preserve the many wonders of history. This, however, was short lived, as soon the Harpers began unearthing the remains of an old community, lost to decades of abandonment. It was just outside of the city, and looked as though a monster-migration had wiped the community of almost all life…they even found the remains of a tiny kitten, buried under years of dirt and dust.

It was too much for Rimosa’s still scarred mind. One day, she just left, without any word to Marlowe, or the other Harpers, and removed their memory subconsciously from her mind. Subconsciously, she had to protect what little sanity she had left, even if that meant running away from her problems and completely removing them from her mind.

This was the only real home she knew, but she left it with nothing but the bare essentials and headed to Cormyr, the feudal society and metaphorical “center” of Faerûn. Here she met adventurers, looking for a healer, and she was happy to oblige. Under the sponsor of Lady Vaylan, the group tackled many quests of the…questionable sort.

To begin with, the group consisted of Rimosa, a hard-willed (and slightly dull) fighter “Inako,” an overly-obvious rogue, a ranger whose only ambition was to ride a mythical beast, and a semi-blind/semi-spacey dwarf druid. They entered into the vaults of an old crypt for their sponsor, and (with Rimosa saving their behinds twice, once from a skeletal warrior and once from being sneak-attacked by a spider) they managed to make it out alive. From that point on, the group waned and grew in members at random intervals, losing the rogue and druid, but gaining another fighter, a paladin, a bard, and two spell casters.

Rimosa can still recall the times that made her laugh, like when she found the cook they were sent to find tied naked, spread eagle, and covered in tomato sauce, or the time that they were nearly beaten to death by a group of Halflings who had a vendetta against tall people. She was the group’s pack mule, and thus was almost always encumbered…but the day she got her horse, Lunae, and her cart…that day will remain in her memory for a long, long time.

There were also bad times, of course, like when both Inako and her had to testify in court for something one of their idiot friends did (like trying to steal from the same vendor…twice…after being caught the first time, or Coup de Gras-ing several muggers within the city limits). One of these bad times involved a cursed cleric, bound to the form of an Ettin, where the group decided to kill the poor beast rather than help set it free. In a moral dilemma, Rimosa began praying to Sehanine…(and I rolled a 1 on the pray check)…and she fell into a deep, unconscious sleep where she was given a vision. In this vision, moonlight illuminated a man with two faces, one ending where the other began (essentially not having a back of his head). The front side was of a man, who said, “I would not hear the truth.” He then turned to show the monstrously hideous second face, who screamed at Rimosa, “I see MY Truth! NOT YOURS, servant of mystery!” He grabbed at her, and she backed away just in time…and at about that time, she woke up. For those of you who are lazy, the vision essentially meant that her Goddess came to her, through the moonbeams and what not, and told her that “You are not seeing what is truly happening. It may be ugly, but it is the truth, and you need to face it.” She didn’t believe it at the time, and wandered with the group in a daze after she awoke. At this point, they were told to go into the woods from where the Ettin had come, and it was there that she was almost killed by a single, bludgeoning blow. This scar on her back will forever remind her of that dream, and of the beginning of “her realization.”

The final court appearance, mentioned above as the over-killing of the muggers, was the starting of the group’s decline. True, at this point, they had the most number of members they had ever had, but it was still the beginning of the end. There was Rimosa, Inako, the paladin, ranger, two other fighters, the rogue, bard, sorcerer (with a golem in tow), a high-and-mighty wizard, and a random monkey companion.

Furious at the actions of her adventuring party, Lady Vaylan ordered the group to travel up through the Anauroch desert, with a small girl in tow, to a city of shining splendor to see “The Sun Lord.” This was an impossible task for the group, and was seen as a suicide mission by all around. In short, it nearly was. On the way through the desert, the group was almost eaten alive by giant ants. While they were approaching the city, they were attacked by a lighting-powered dragon. One of the fighters attempted to hook the beast with his grappling hook, to keep it from flying off. It worked, for a short time…enough time, however, for the mythical beast-obsessed ranger to get onto its back and start riding it. Before long, however, the dragon broke free, and flew away with the ranger still on its back. Desperate, the ranger killed the dragon mid-air, and fell to his inevitable death. Rimosa cleaned off the skull, and buried the mash of shattered bones and organs that was once her companion with the skull as a tomb marker. “He finally rode his mythical beast…” she muttered, as she left the site with the rest of the group.

That night, Rimosa gathered the party in memoriam of their fallen comrade. She began with a few prayers, a few good stories about him…and then, while they were all talking, she realized something. Now, prior to this point, the entire group had made some reference at one point or another about her twitching and shouting the word “Fluffy.” She wouldn’t believe it, however, and most of the group just stopped commenting on it. However, that night, she made the connection between the dream and the comments…She did have this tick that everyone claimed she had, and even her goddess had tried to tell her. That night, she announced that she realized she did it…she still could not hear it, she still could not tell when she did it, and she still did not know why…but she knew she did it, which was a large step forward. Her realization had begun.

Her group continued forward, and reached the city. However, hours after they came in, a lich attacked. The two leading powers of the city gathered all the able-bodied individuals within the city limits to fend off the beast of the undead, Rimosa’s group included. She hid the small girl, who she had taken under her wing for the entire trip, within a temple, and rushed to join the fray. After only submitting two hits to the beast, one of the leading power-houses of the city unleashed a massive amount of radiant energy, frying the lich…and nearly all of the civilians…with a burst of bright, bright light. The few that survived were the strong ones…Rimosa and Inako being the only two of the original group that survived. However, a piece of debris hit her as she was ducking to hide her face, and cut her deeply on the back of the neck. This scar, as mentioned in her physical description, forever reminds her of the day she lost all of her once friends to friendly-fire. The little girl had disappeared, as well, leaving the two of them to pick up the remains of their companions. They stayed at a local tavern, that night, drinking their sorrows away…and in the morning, they agreed on one thing: Rimosa would go back to Cormyr to tell Lady Vaylan that the adventuring party was no more, and then go her own way to do some soul searching, while Inako would return home to enlighten the young warriors on what he experienced. They went to the ceremony to honor the dead, momentarily stopping and pausing at the sites for their old companions, when all of a sudden-

Everything changed. One moment, she was on solid ground, among the mourning masses, and the next…she was falling from the sky in the middle of an unfamiliar city. She landed on a drunken beggar, in the middle of the street, right in front of a group of passing adventurers, of which included a Deva, several humans, a Genasi, and a Warforged. Little did she know she had not only transcended time, but realms as well, through a rift that had opened in the sky during Gotheer’s Season of Rifts.

She soon discovered that Sehanine was not the same in this realm as she was in her old one…and that the Raven Queen was truly “her Sehanine.” She still calls her patron goddess “Sehanine,” but in reality, she means “The Raven Queen.” She also had to change a few other things…her armor changed within the rift, from plate- to chainmail, and some of her powers no longer worked (she could no longer create water, for example). She is still adjusting, with the group of adventurers that took her in after her nasty fall.

Personality wise…she’s a bit off. Already mentioned and described is her “fluffy” problem, which she is still coping with. If you ask her about it, she is able to admit that she does do it, but…she still cannot hear it, she still cannot tell when she does “tick,” and she still does not know why it occurs. She is still a little sensitive about it, and if someone calls her crazy for it, she may sulk into a dark, distracting mood. Distracting, of course, meaning that she’s not as focused on healing anymore.

Speaking of healing…She’s a bit stingy with them. If you do something that goes against her idea of “good,” then she may refuse to heal you unless you’re near death. For example, the rogue who stole from the same place twice after being caught the first time. She refused to heal him until he was unconscious, because of his actions. It was her punishment for him, and her way of spreading her goddess’ message throughout her companions. If someone does something “stupid,” however, she’s less likely to act so extremely, as she worked with “the adventuring party made of idiots” and is used to such behavior (even if she isn’t fond of it.)

She is a little racist against dwarfs, as a side note. By racist, however, I do not mean, “Oh, they’re the scum of the earth, let’s kill them!” but rather, “Oh, you poor thing, it must be horrible to have such a tiny brain.” She is more of the “Northern White Person in the 1950’s when dealing with African Americans” racist than anything else, going mostly by pre-conceived stereotypes that are not necessarily true. She believes that all dwarfs never bathe, are mentally slow, and have no culture. She also believes that there is no way to change this, and they should be pitied for being born into such a lack-luster race. She will still heal them, and still try to treat them nicely, but she doesn’t realize that what she’s saying could be seen as offensive. She just thinks it’s true.

She also is racist against drow, but for different reasons. She’s a “good elf,” drow are “bad elves” and thus need to be cleansed from society.

She tends to be high-tense and high-strung, and rarely can one find her totally at ease. Even in her meditative sleep-states, one can hear her muttering about nightmares of suppressed memories, of oozes and of cats, of Marlowe and of Inako.

She is not completely messed up, but she is definitely a few colors short of a full crayon box.

Rimosa Semper Ero

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