Sorena Darkfeather

"This is what happens when you stand in my way!"


Sorena is shorter than the average human female, with extremely pale skin. She often wears dark leather that accentuates he fine athletic curves. He eyes are like those of a raven, on he face she has 4 piercings, two in her right eyebrow, 1 in her left nostril, and 1 in her lip. She has a scar beside her left eye courtesy of Garruk and a tattoo that runs from her hairline above her right eye down to her chin. Her hair is the color of ash, and she wears several braids in it. She is normally cruel and coldly calculating, constantly thinking of the next step in her plan, but when around Brindon, her demeanor changes, she becomes flirty and tries to be sexy, at him more than for him, in some dark parody of affection, twisted by anger.


A mysterious woman who joined the gladiatorial fighting circuit just before the players did. No one seems to know anything about her or her strange shadow based powers and she certainly isn’t talking.

It turns out that this woman is a Shadar-kai and extremely dangerous. She was recieving dead bodies from Darun in exchange for protection. You have recently foiled this setup for her and she isn’t happy about it.

Brindon knows more about her than he’s telling you.

She hired Immeral to to create something for her, but you’ve yet to find out what. The device is a vicious war machine Immeral lovingly called a ‘corpsemaker’.

It turns out that she is Brindon’s only lead to a criminal organization known as the Shadow Covenant.

She engaged in a relationship with one of Balthazar d’Cannith’s apprentices in order to get her hands on the Orb. This orb seems to be important to her Master’s plans. You’ve been able to track her to her lair.

After defeating her in her lair you were able to find out that she and Brindon had a son together and she was under the impression that the Master had her son and the only way to get him back was to work for the Shadow Covenant. She was murdered shortly after you found this out.

Sorena Darkfeather

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