Veneno Multifarium

Adiah Zanoher's Clockwork Scorpion familiar


Ability Scores
STR: 11
CON: 16
DEX: 14
INT: 22
WIS: 16
CHA: 9

AC: 24
FORT: 20
REF: 23
WILL: 22

Hit Points
HP: 1
Max Distance from Wizard: 20 Squares


Veneno is a Clockwork Scorpion built by an Eladrin Artificer named Immeral that Adiah had tripped over during a quest with his party to locate where a large number of Warforged had disappeared to.

Veneno was Immeral’s first attempt at a Clockwork Scorpion. Built with the intent to deliver a corrosive oil to his Targets before the supplementing Spiders would grab it, but he was unable to process commands in the voice of his master, or execute basic functions.

Frustrated at the problem with the Scorpion, Immeral simply left the Scorpion as he stood on the ground, sensors not picking up tremors, nor any commands issued for him to want to move.

Unwittingly being kicked by a passing Deva knocked the “not so aligned” central processing module into place, and the sound of “What the hell did I just trip over?” bound the now functioning Clockwork Scorpion to the Deva as his familiar.

Veneno has become a sort of assistant to Adiah during his studies whenever he is working on developing the Teraform Ritual. While the two are out on a case with the group, Veneno usually rides around inside of Adiah’s backpack, occasionally poking his head outside to check the surroundings.

His name is a Latin phrase that roughly translates to “Possessor of Many Poisons.”

Veneno Multifarium

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