Psionic Power

Because you’re all so damn curious, here is a brief discourse on Psionic power in the endless city.

Psionics have always existed in the Endless City. The Kalashtar, those strange distant beings, have an almost intuitive skill with psionic power. Some say this comes from their strange connection to unspeakable extra-planar beings.

The study of unarmed combat using the power of mind over matter has existed for years in Gotheer. These monasteries aren’t very crowded, but they produce many powerful warriors.

Finally, there has been a recent explosion of Psioic power among all the races of the Endless City. 2 years ago, what appeared to be a Transposition Event occurred during the Season of Rifts. There was a flash, and those who were nearby reported feeling a strange burn inside of their heads. No one in the area died immediately, but some died much later due to mysterious circumstances. It seems that everyone caught in this event was granted psionic power and some died because they couldn’t control it.

Also, on Shardminds. Balthazar d’Cannith has set himself a goal. He dreams of recreating the Warforged, and he claims to others that he’s done it, but he knows it’s just empty boasting when he sees real Warforged. However, his experiments have had some bizarre consequences. One batch of his ‘warforged’, that he tried to make of new crystals found on the recently discovered parallel plane made some very strange things. They came alive, and he deemed them shardminds.

Current Arrangement of Items

Alright, with the Transfer Enchantment Ritual, this is how the Mazgorax Heirlooms are dispersed:

Zane: Symbol of Gajz, Skaivani’s Anklets, Magic Dagger +2
Relic: Rovikar’s Executioner’s Axe
Garruk: Matrakk’s Lenses
Adiah: Keicha’s Amulet

Remember to set the bonuses accordingly for allies wielding the items.

A letter for Cutter

Cutter receives the following letter the next time he goes to his home.

Dear Cutter,

I saw you in the Sivis papers recently and recognized the description of the symbol of my house that you carry upon your shoulder, no doubt put there by my noble uncle. I asked around the house for information about you and find that you were Marven d’Belderan’s own heir. The fact that members of my house would not respect the wishes of my own uncle is just despicable. I can’t believe that members of my, no, our family would cast out a bold hero and noble inventor such as yourself over the silly matter of race. It makes me so angry that I want to punish those responsible myself, but that’s not how family works. I invite you to my estate in the Skyway Cutter, bring your friends if you wish, so that I can show you how family is supposed to work. You belong with House Belderan Cutter.

Truly yours,

Blain d’Belderan

PS Family keep no secrets and you should know, one of your adventuring companions is also known to me. Your friend, Garruk, the one raise by elves, he is also family. Garruk is my son.

The OFFICIAL post having to do with break week

So I just realized how much of an asshat I am. My time this week is very limited. I have rehearsal Tuesday and Thursday, which I get out of at 6. I’m leaving for Maine on Friday (I think, I still don’t know for sure). And Wednesday night I have dinner at my gram’s (which won’t take the whole night).

So, my idea is since I’ll be out there Tuesday and Thursday, we can play on those days for sure. Whatever else people are thinking post it here.

Article on the Season of Rifts

The following was found in the Sivis One-Sheet.

The Season of Rifts is on Us Again

The Season of Rifts, just the mere mention of it makes people worry for their husbands, brothers, and sons. Though it is through their brave journey to alternate planes once a year that keeps our city alive. I’m sure many of you have noticed the food shortages or the recent paper crisis. If the Rifts never opened, then the endless city would fall into chaos.

But what about those people who travel the Parallel Planes willingly and for recreation? Such as Beck the Shifter, who I know is well known to my readership. I recently interviewed Beck about the upcoming season. He says it’s to be one of the longest and most active in recent years if his Tiefling companion is to be believed. Beck also stated during our talk that he hopes to discover and walk upon an as yet undiscovered plane. They (meaning the ever dwindling Riftjumpers Guild) have tentatively named this place Gazrek. As to its nature, there are several theories, but I refuse to publish the unfounded conjecture of Tieflings. My final question for Beck was if he had anything he wanted my readers to know and he replied ‘the Guild is always looking for new members. If you want adventure and excitement in your life, find at a tavern while I’m on a recruitment trip.’

Finally, no article about the Season of Rifts would be complete without a few tips for safety.

-If you see a Rift, stay away from it.

-If you find a portal, don’t go into it, you never know where it’ll lead or when it’ll close, trapping you forever.

-If a transposition event should occur, avoid the area for the rest of the season and be glad you weren’t there when it happened.

For Wednesday, March 3rd

Hope you took good notes last week as this week is a direct continuation of the day you were in. So you best be sure on your hp, surges, and used dailies, or I’ll hit you with the nastiest penalty you have ever seen. And make sure the people who don’t check this often know about this.

Magic weapon swicthing

To get more of out group set around the actual group, We are trying to do this

Dave has my +2 magic dagger still.

So we disenchant my rovarik’s level 7 dagger, and Olo’s magic item (im guessing level 7 as well) use those components plus the residum we have to craeture Rovarik’s weapon for olo.

This way Dave has the amulent, olo the weapon, me the boots. Due to my powers the boots would help more than the weapon. And then because I also have the holy symbol we have 4 group items within the actual group for the 4 item bonus

So the question is do we have enough components for Paul to do this?

Important anouncement
Have you been reading the portal?

In order to get the xp to cross the tier barrier, that’s from heroic to paragon, you need to post a physical description of your character on your character pages under where it says ‘description’. Oh, and one more thing. I’m not going to tell you about this in person. So if you don’t read this, you’ll never know and therefore never get to choose a paragon tier adventure/paragon path. Oh yeah, I’m THAT kind of dick.

Check in

Everyone reply if you use the site regularly

The adventure log

Since all of you can alter this log, feel free to post what happens during sessions or adventures. I will not keep this for you. It’s all you guys.


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