House Jorasco

Race: Kalashtar

Mark: Mark of Healing

Colors: White and gold

Age: 29 years

The richest House today is House Jorasco. No one profited more from the House Wars then them. When their mark manifested, it gave them power over healing, a commodity much needed by the warring Houses. Instead of choosing a side, they charged all sides ridiculous fees for their healing, hoping that it might entice the other Houses to stop the war. But the Houses were more than willing to pay, and soon Jorasco lost its noble intentions to the great wealth it was amassing.

Today the House runs healing houses across the city that cater to everyone from the lowliest Surface dweller to the Patriarchs themselves. Their pay what you can policy ensures that everyone can afford care, and that the Houses still have to pay exorbitant fees.

House Jorasco

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