House Kundarak

Race: Dwarf

Mark: Mark of Warding

Colors: Bronze and deep blue

Age: 25 years

Leader: Underqueen Regna d’Kundarak

The dwarves of Gotheer have always been an insular race. When they manifested their Mark that gave them power over defenses, this only complemented their racial inclination to remain in their underground fortresses, hoarding treasure in their mighty vaults. But then House Paelion brought the House Wars to them. The conflict was brutal and long, with both sides losing much of their underground holdings. Some believe that there may be dwarves and drow deep below the Endless City that still fight each other, not realizing the War has ended.

The dwarves were thrust up into the world of Gotheer forever because of Paelion’s attack. Today they live among the Spires with all the other races as well as keeping some of their ancestral homes. They offer up their powers over defense by keeping treasures and wealth in their impenetrable vaults as well as keeping prisons for House Deneith. They also hire adventurers constantly to explore The Below for them, hoping to find their lost holdings.

House Kundarak

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