House Lyrandar

Race: Half-Elf and Human

Mark: The Mark of the Storm

Colors: Sky blue and yellow

Age: 30 years

Leader: Patriarch Erik d’Lyrandar

The House that suffered worst during the House Wars was the Lyrandars. With power over the weather the other Houses immediately saw them as the most dangerous threat and banded together to punish them. It was a human house then. The attacks on them became so brutal that no other human families would marry into theirs, even with the temptation of the Mark of the Storm. But, some elves, jealous of the Medani and wishing to see their ways foiled, reached out to the Lyrandars and breed with them. That was how the majority of Half-Elves in Gotheer were born, from the union of those Elves and the Lyrandars. Most of the house is now Half-Elf as they slowly become their own race, but their are still humans among the Lyrandars, including their Patriarch.

Today the Lyrandars control the weather were the power of their Weather Mages. But they do this for a hefty price, not forgetting the wrongs committed on them by many of the other Houses. They have also recently discovered a new way to control the sky, Elemental Airships. With these they’ve taken business from the travel related arm of House Orien. They’re also looking into ways their Mark can help them take away from the other Houses profits. Some fear the resentful Lyranders might even be plotting more than the financial ruin of the other Houses. Some think they might just be plotting revenge for the wrongs of the House Wars.

House Lyrandar

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