House Orien

Race: Human

Mark: Mark of Passage

Colors: Light green and light purple

Age: 13 years

Leader: Matriarch Eliza d’Orien

Toward the very end of the House Wars, a family of humans called Orien developed a Mark that allowed them to travel easier than the other Houses. Walls, doors, and streets meant nothing to them. The most powerful could teleport from place to place as easy as if they were walking. They became House Orien and had the war not ended soon, the other Houses surely would have descended upon them in fear of the powerful Mark of Passage.

Today, Orien is wealthy and has many heirs walking the world having missed the brutality of the War. They operate many travel and delivery services including the Orien Courier Service and the underground lightning rail. However, they’ve recently lost business to airships of Lyrandar.

House Orien

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