Khaz Mordread

In the days before the Marks of Nobility appeared on the flesh of the Marked Noble Houses, the dwarves of Gotheer lived in massive underground cities, unbeknown to those who dwelt on the surface above. Under the earth they lived, ate, mined, and prospered, without anyone ever knowing they even existed. And then they were discovered by August Belderan, an ancient patriarch of the Belderan line. He looked down on these subterranean cities and saw opportunity. Opportunity for conquest. The cities all had tunnels that connected them to other cities but one city was more connected than any other: Khaz Mordread, or in the common, City of the Dead. It was the sacred mausoleum of all dwarf kind, watched over by their fearsome Death Priests who owed no loyalties to any dwarven house. It was this hollowed place that August lead his first attack upon. After months of battle in the darkness, the Belderan army and the defenders of Khaz Mordread simply stopped communicating with their leaders and allies elsewhere. When the dwarves investigated, they found that Khaz Mordread was gone, it had disappeared completely along with both of the armies. Some though it might be the Season of Rifts that did this, others suspected the unfathomable power of the Death Priests.

A few months ago, Khaz Mordread was unearthed, miles from its original location. Now Kundarak wishes to use it’s wealth to reclaim Khaz Mordread for all of dwarven kind, but what horrors have festered within the dwarven halls of the dead? A hundred years have passed since any living soul has laid eyes upon Khaz Mordread and who knows what horrors the Death Priests have summoned or what atrocities August Belderan has commited? Those on the surface will find answers to these questions soon enough as House Kundarak has put out a call for adventurers to help them explore the lost halls of Khaz Mordread, but only the most brave and hardy adventurers should dare take up this task. There is a darkness in Khaz Mordread, some great undefinable evil, and it will destroy any who enter the City of the Dead unprepared.

Khaz Mordread is built around five great halls. Four are dedicated to the gods, with the three dwarven gods each getting their own great hall. The fifth is dedicated to the greatest heroes of the dwarven people. The city is cleft in two by a line of devastation. This is the Battleline, where much of the fighting between the Belderan and dwarven armies took place. There are also floating spacial disturbances in that move around the city. The death priests call this disturbance ‘the dream’ and it is extremely dangerous.

There are other dangers in Khaz Mordread beyond ‘the dream’. There has been a recent settling of giants in the city. There are also rumors of House Paelion mounting their own expedition into the City of the Dead.

Khaz Mordread

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