The Parallel Planes

Just to make this clear: Portals and rifts are two different things. A portal is a stable opening to another plane through which people can move back and forth, a rift however, is a dangerous tear between two planes as the planes try to occupy the same place with dangerous consequences.

Xulaat: the jungle world and original home of the Five Tribes. This world is full of massive and savage beasts and ancient temples of a fallen empire forgotten by all. Xulaat is the polar opposite of Gotheer, there is no civilization there. This plane also shares a much stronger connection to Gotheer, and its not uncommon for whole groups of people to be transported to Xulaat without any warning. Rifts to Xulaat will spit out dangerous predators.

Ferus: The forest world and source of Gotheer’s lumber. There are several stable portals to this plane that allow workers to pass to and from it for much of the season of rifts. Rifts to Ferus are rare, thankfully because they cause catastrophic terrain change Gotheer.

Galdan: a world of idyllic plains and beautiful mountain vistas, Galdan is where Gotheer’s food is grown. As with Ferus, there are many stable portals to this place. So beneficent is this plane that healing effects are empowered for those receiving them by rifts to Galdan

Seldarak: known as the plane of unforgiving ice, Seldarak is a frozen wasteland constantly hounded by unrelenting blizzards and ruled by strange and terrifying creatures. A journey to Seldarak is a constant battle for survival. Rifts to Seldarak will unleash terrible cold, slowing any who are near.

Flarinus: a world of flame and highly active volcanoes, Flarinus is one of the most dangerous parallel planes. Its atmosphere is an unbreathable concoction of deadly gases, fire constantly rains from the skies, and horrible beasts made of flame do epic battle with each other in pools of lava. It takes months of preparation to dare a trip to Flarinus, and even then, you can still die in seconds. Rifts to Flarinus unleash intense heat, burning those nearby.

Syrana: a world of oceans, many believe that Syrana is just habitable as Gotheer and try to make their home there. However, the connection between these two planes is very weak and travel to this plane is dangerous, and it’s highly possible to get trapped there forever. Rifts to Syrana will unleash torrents of water, flooding the area in which they open.

???: A mysterious new plane has been discovered! Will you be the bold adventurer to unlock its secrets?

The Parallel Planes

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