I guess you probably want to go back to Gotheer or some shit

So you want to play my campaign again do you? Well, you will have to earn that right! And by earn I mean what’s good for people.


Monday and Wednesday after 7PM work for me. Friday is petty good also, I could do most Fridays any time after 12PM. Then there’s also the weekends.

As a suggestion? I’d use facebook to get in touch with the others. They seem to like using that thing and respond to that better than text messaging >.>


And the preferred meeting area would be WNEC, I would assume.


Monday’s are “bad” for me, in theory, so far, as my mom will want the car and I will have issues with driving arrangements and what not. If things do end up working out (which I doubt), both Mondays and Wednesdays will be good after 4:30. But chances are, Mondays won’t work for me.

Tuesdays and Thursdays I have one lab ending at 5:00 each day, so anytime after that is good with me. Friday’s are after 2:00. Weekends are the same for David as they are for me.

Yeah, I think they check Facebook more than anything else. I talked to Ray today, and he’s still wanting to continue (I think.)

Oh, and before I forget, I have two other freshmen interested. One is an Engeniring Major who is like “YES I PLAYED DND ALL LAST YEAR” but is still a little shaky on 4e, and the other is in my Public Speaking class who is like ”...I want to, but it’s addicting and I need to manage my time…But I really, really want to…” and is being indecisive. =D Just to let you guys know.


One, dave you assume wrong, the preferred place of meeting could very well end up being my house (deal with it) depending on what happens for me job wise.

Two, you’re probably right about the facebook. I’ll send them something in that area.

Three, NO MORE NEW PEOPLE IN MY CAMPAIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If there is an opening, I have a list of people that I will offer it too. I’m sorry but that’s the way it is. We’re already at capacity with six people.


I know that, Kyle. I mean for the club. In general. Don’t forget, David’s been working on that Dark Sun thing. >.>


I wouldn’t mind any night Monday-Wednesday. Lemme know.


You’re right, I shouldn’t generalize, that reflects poorly on me. I should have said that my preferred place of meeting would be WNEC.


Mon,Tues,Wed after 8 are my hours, as I work until 8 on those days, Thurdadya I have a night class until 8:00, so If it wasn’t wnec, then really, no day is good for me


for me its mon-wed anytime after 6pm.


Looks like Tuesday at 8 is teh good stuff.

Can also do Friday. M,W,T are out ‘cause I’m learning to save lives. And shit.



Tuesday at 8 seems to be the general concensus, at least. Apparently Fridays are now bad for me, as are Wednesdays. >.> I need my own damned car…


Tuesday at 8 it seems. How’s that work for the DM?


It’s looking like tuesday at 8 may have to do. How fucking cool are all you that weekends are impossible? Anyway, let me see what’s going on in the job front and I’ll let you guys know. If I’m working in worcester, you guys are going to have to come to me, because I really do not want to drive all the way out from there from worcester. If there was a place between you guys and me, I’d say we should all meet there, but there isn’t and you’re all just going to have to accept the fact that you may just have to come to me if you still want to play in this campaign, and if that stops you from playing, I DON’T GIVE A FUCK!


As always, the rule continues to stand that if you miss three sessions in a row, you’re out, NO EXCEPTIONS!


... why why do we never look at weekends?


Oh right… humans are working those days :3


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