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Below he waits, in darkness he dreams, in the depths of Khaz Mordread!

Welcome to Gotheer, the Endless City. Gotheer is a planewide cityscape full of danger and intrigue. It’s ruled by the powerful marked houses, whose marks of nobility grant them abilities beyond what the normal person can do. Deep below the city are miles of catacombs rife with treasure and danger. Magic permeates the entire city, lightning powered trains run beneath the streets while small landmasses holding large mansions float idly above the spires. The city is divided into various districts, each named roughly for what goes on within the district. It is also divided vertically along class lines with the richest citizens living at the top and the poorest living on the actual surface of the planet.

If you’d like me to tell you the place specific races hold in Gotheer or want to know more about an organization described let me know.

For more information, look at the wiki. There you’ll find more in depth information about the Houses and people of Gotheer, the Endless City.

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