House Belderan

Race: Human

Mark: Any non-aberrant mark

Colors: Gold and deep red.

Age: over 1000 years.

Leader: Baron Blain d’Belderan

The proud and noble Humans of House Belderan are part of a once powerful and ancient line, one as old as the recorded history of Gotheer, perhaps older. Some in the house even believe that their ancestors helped found the Endless City. However, this line is not as influential as it once was.

Once the ruling family of Gotheer, now they are just the highest ranked among a dying race. They’ve lost much of their power to the Marked noble houses, as they didn’t have the ability to keep up with the magical powers the other houses had been granted and with humans being born less and less every year, they soon lost the large following they once had with their kind no longer being the majority. But, recently the Belderans have been gaining new influence. 2 years ago, the Belderans developed marks of Nobility, and not just any mark, but all of the marks. The Belderans are now gaining more power politically and financially.

The slow death of the human race has lead to a growing resentment among the Belderan. They hate the races that thin human blood for their part in humanity’s extinction and they despise the other houses for their putting the human race under their heels. Some fear with their new found power and influence, they might just do something about these feelings.

House Belderan

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