House Cannith

Race: Tiefling

Mark: Mark of Making

Colors: Red, orange, and bronze

Age: 39 years

Leader: Patriarch Balthazar d’Cannith

The Mark of Making was the first to develop and it developed on the most unlikely of races, the poor and victimized Tieflings. The race that had once been the most despised suddenly had the power to make things that others could only imagine. They became rich almost overnight. They soon developed a monopoly on the making of weapons, armor, carts, buildings, and more. During the House Wars, their ability to make the best weapons money can buy ensured that the other Houses wouldn’t attack them and that they would become extremely rich. Now they have no competition in the area of making. Their motto is ‘if it can be imagined, it can be made, by us’.

House Cannith

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