House Medani

Race: Elf

Mark: Mark of Detection

Colors: Black and green

Age: 36 years

Leaders: Matriarch Lia d’Medani, High Inquisitive Gennal d’Medani

House Medani has the gift to see what others cannot and what others try to hide. Their mark gives them the ability to detect anything from poison to lies. They also carry the distinction of being the house that started the House Wars that only ended when House Deneith manifested their mark.

Medani today hires old the finest protection money can buy. Where the Dragonborn of Deneith protect the city out of some misplaced duty to their patron god, the Elves of Medani will protect those who pay them.

However, a more reputable branch of the House, seeking to attone for starting the House Wars, has allied itself with the Sentinels to form the Inquisitives, detectives whose job it is to investigate the crimes that occur in the city.

Notable members: Brindon d’Medani

House Medani

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