House Paelion

Race: Drow

Mark: Mark of Shadows

Colors: Black and deep purple

Age: 35 years

Leader: Elipson d’Paelion, the Shadowlord

The dark elves of the Endless City are a mystery. They’ve been around for as long as anyone can remember, yet no one knows where they came from, or when they arrived. Most live in vast underground citadels, comfortable in the darkness like no other race. This is probably why they are marked with the Mark of Shadow. Giving them complete power over illusion, it greatly complemented the darkness already born within them. They soon became the greatest assassins and spies in the city. When you’re like a living shadow, it’s hard to get caught. House Paelion hires out these services to anyone, as long as the price is high enough.

Paelion reveled in the violence of the House Wars. They sold their abilities as spies and assassins to all sides. Many considered their actions during the war despicable, they kept the best secrets discovered by their agents for themselves, they often betrayed their employers, letting targets know they were in danger hoping to get more work and a higher payout, and, worst of all, they trained and hired Changelings. The once peaceful and friendly race of shapeshifters was corrupted by the evils the Paelions had them commit.

House Paelion

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