House Silversteel

Race: Warforged

Mark: None

Age: 7? (Possibly much older)

Leader: Bastion Silversteel

7 years ago an Orien dig to build a new tunnel for the lightning rail uncovered a vast underground cathedral. In this cathedral were the Warforged, those forged of the Silver Flame. They were brought to the surface and given space to live on the Surface, but their zealotry and alien nature soon irked the peoples of the Endless City and the Sentinels decided it would be best to keep the Warforged as separate as they could from the other races.

The Silversteel are the leaders of the Warforged, the closest thing they have to nobility. They are the leaders of the Church of the Silver Flame and even claim to be the first to be forged in the Silver Flame.

New Feat: Silversteel Warforged Prereq: Warforged You were one of the first group of Warforged forged in the Silver Flame. You get a +1 to Fortitude Defense.

House Silversteel

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