House Tharashk

Race: Half-Orc and Orc

Mark: Mark of Finding

Colors: None

Age: 22 years

Leader: Patriarch Korgul d’Tharashk

A Tharashk can find anything. A house of treasure hunters, guides, and bounty hunters, if you want something or someone found, Tharashk will do it.

Tharashk is hated by the other houses more than any other for their actions during the House Wars. They hired monstrous allies such as trolls and minotaurs to ensure that their House wouldn’t suffer the losses that other Houses already had. They claim to have been just looking out for themselves, the Houses, who lost many members under the brutal hands of Tharashk’s monsters, claim otherwise. Because of this, Tharashk enclaves are rare beyond the Middle Spires, and it’s said that the Patriarch of Tharashk refuses to live in the Skyway with the other House leaders.

House Tharashk

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