House Vadalis

Race: Shifter (both Razorclaw and Longtooth)

Mark: Mark of Handling

Colors: Green and brown

Age: 39 years

Leaders: Bone Panther Elder Aurora d’Vadalis, Blood Wolf Elder Rend d’Vadalis

Shortly after the manifestation of the Mark of Making came the Mark of Handling to the bestial Shifters. Both bloodlines could claim the mark so they formed one noble house, House Vadalis. Shifters weren’t native to Gotheer and might have died out had they not gained a mark of Nobility, but now they have complete power over all animals in the Endless City. If you need a mount or want a pet, you go to Vadalis, there’s no other choice.

During the House Wars, they fought with a monstrous ferocity befitting their animal nature. The Vadalis lashed at any House that even hinted they might attack them quickly and with devastating effect. They knew that they were fighting for their very people and that was why they could show no mercy. However, the other Houses have a respect now for Vadalis as many see their tactics during the War as purely defensive.

House Vadalis

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