The Five Tribes

40 years ago the Five Tribes we’re stranded in Gotheer after massive planer disturbance tore them from their home plane of Xulat, a place of no civilization, the complete opposite of Gotheer. Each tribe is comprised of a different race and they all still either hold zealously to their tribal ways or at least still respect them.

The Five Tribes are:

Brokenbriar: The Elves of the Brokenbriar tribe believe that Gotheer is unnatural. They were not unique when they arrived in the Endless City, as Elves were already commonplace. However, these Elves believe in the absolute truth of nature and this place they now live that has no nature is the height of blasphemy to them. They work diligently to bring nature to Gotheer, no matter the cost. Their leader is the female shaman Tree of Dead Fruits.

Bone Panther and Blood Wolf: The Shifter tribes. Shortly after their arrival, they developed the Mark of Handling and merged to become House Vadalis. They still recognize their tribal ways despite being a rich and powerful noble house.

Rock Walker: The Goliath tribe. They are insular and prefer to stay out of the matters of the other tribes if they can. They’ve made a home for themselves in the Below, the closest they can get to the bare mountains of their home Xulat. Their leader is the fearsome warrior Gauthak.

Cityspeaker: This tribe of humans was known as the Serpentspeaker tribe in Xulat as they were the revered of the World Serpent, greatest and most powerful of the spirits. However, the Serpent has no presence in Gotheer. But they did find a new patron, The Heart, which they claim is the spirit of the living city. These humans are also sought after by human families trying to keep their lines human. They are lead by a council of 12 elders, each who has had personal contact with The Heart.

Background: Xulaat Native: You were one of that first group of Five Tribes members to teleport to Gotheer 40 years ago. You remember the wild jungles of your old home, Xulaat. Or you’ve listened constantly to the stories of the tribal elders and have learned the way of the jungle. You may choose Nature or Perception as your associated skill.

The Five Tribes

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